Houston Rockets Power Dancers Selection Show Photos


Friend of BC and Houston-based photographer Scott B. wrote early this morning to report that he attended last night’s Houston Rockets Power Dancers selection show.

After starting out with 200 last week, it was down to 19 by the start of last night at The House of Blues. The final 14 were announced after one last judging. The team is led by Natalie Alvarado, Entertainment Director of the Rockets, who was a Rocket Power Dancer from 1998-2005. She left to pursue a music career and had one song reach # 13 on the Billboard list. She returned to the Rockets last year.

This must be an awkward night for the five ladies who get cut in front of a live audience. You’ve dedicated months to becoming a Rockets dancer and it ends in front of your family.

So devastating.

You wake up on a Monday morning thinking you might be shaking it in 2013-14 for Dwight Howard and the dream ends the same day.

[photos via Scott B.]