Fox Sports Girl Of The Week: Nathalie


Nathalie, the Fox Sports Girl of the Week, knows exactly what she’d put in a dream Major League Baseball ballpark.

“It’s a toss-up between a giant roller coaster or a puppy park,” the Fox Sports San Diego Girl said.

A native of Southern California, Nathalie is still waiting for one of her beloved San Diego franchises to break through and win a world title. She says that, in a close call, a Super Bowl would mean more to the people of San Diego than a World Series ring.

“We have an excellent new coaching staff and I know that all of us San Diegans are really excited to see how we will do,” she said.

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Who is your favorite athlete?

Chris Paul! He is the best point guard in the game and I love his style on the court. So excited that he is staying with the Clippers, he brings so much to the team.

What is your fondest sports memory?

This is funny but I remember playing a game of kickball in second grade. Bases were loaded and I kicked a grand slam. I seriously will never forget that!
What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

Basketball. I love basketball. There is never a dull moment in the game whether you are watching or playing.

Oh and slam dunks..I mean come on I would love to be able to dunk.

What’s your earliest memory of being a Padres fan?

Games at The Murph with my youth group! One of our leaders was a huge padres fan, so she trained me well to love the Pads.

What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

Last Veterans Day FOX Sports San Diego televised the “Battle on the Midway” so I got the amazing opportunity of sitting courtside as our Aztecs played Syracuse on the aircraft carrier! We took a tour of the USS Midway beforehand and I just felt so connected with our incredible military community here.

I always hear people bragging about San Diego weather. Is it really that great?
San Diego should be defined as “a great city with the best weather in the USA” in the dictionary. I went to the beach a lot last year… In November. How many people can say that?

What player on the Padres has been on fire on Twitter lately? Tell us who we should be following.

I like Cameron Maybin’s tweets and Yonder Alonso follows our page, so you should follow them haha.

Say I’m going to visit Petco and want to destroy the diet I’ve been on over the last six months. What do they serve at that ballpark that I need to try?

To me any ball park food is delicious. Personally, I love The Pier at the park. Right across the park is Lolita’s, and that my friend is where all diets die and go to heaven. Let’s not forget dessert- I have to get an ice cream cone when I’m at a game.

Arizona has the swimming pool. Florida has The Clevelander bar. Tampa has a stingray pool. If you were building an MLB ballpark, what novelty would you include in your park?

It’s a toss-up between a giant roller coaster or a puppy park.

What would mean more to San Diego: a World Series title or a Super Bowl trophy?
That’s such a tough one. For the Padres to have a World Series title would really be an overwhelming triumph for the team and the fans. Man, to have those bragging rights would be awesome! That said, I’m going to go with a Super Bowl trophy. We have an excellent new coaching staff and I know that all of us San Diegans are really excited to see how we will do. Also, we are playing in the Philadelphia Eagles home opener this season, so that’s a little extra confidence right there.