Big 10 Hypocrites Strip Escort Suzy Favor Hamilton’s Name From Award


The Big 10 decided on Tuesday that it no longer wants the conference’s female athlete of the year award to be named after Suzy Favor Hamilton, the three-time Olympian from Wisconsin who turned to prostitution a decade after her last Games’ appearance.

The Smoking Gun reported in December that Hamilton was working as a $600-an-hour escort in Las Vegas under the pseudonym of “Kelly Lundy.” On Tuesday, the Big 10 announced Hamilton’s name would no longer appear on the award that she won three straight times from 1988-1990.

It’s an understandable move by the conference. Hamilton’s name may have sullied the Big 10 — home of the legacies of Woody Hayes, Bobby Knight and Jerry Sandusky. Sure, those guys had some issues, but at least none of them had sex with someone for money 20 years after they left the conference.

Point is: Hamilton’s an adult; she is allowed to do what she wants. We’d love for it to come out how many Big 10 guys were clients of hers — or how diligently conference officials investigated the steamy pictures from her call girl profile below.

[H/T: USAToday]

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