10 Great Sports Stadium Implosion GIFs


The guys at Gizmodo posted GIFs yesterday of giant buildings being demolished and included the destruction of Riverfront Stadium and the Kingdome. Most sports fans don’t want to remember the day their beloved home of childhood memories is brought down by sticks of dynamite.

Seattlepi.com columnist Laura Vecsey wrote in 1997:

“The Kingdome is being sneered at by some. They consider it an old pair of sneakers in a Nike world, a Timex when the new billionaire breed of team owners insists on a Rolex.”

On March 26, 2000, sticks of dynamite brought down the old barn in one of the most spectacular implosions in sports stadium history.

Do you remember when Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium imploded? What about the RCA Dome in Indianapolis? What about Three Rivers Stadium? If those were home to your memories, you might not want to look.

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