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Roger Clemens Swag Alert: Black Jorts!


I don’t know what to say. Are there really words for what we’re looking at from Rogers Clemens’ Department of Swag?

Black jorts? Are you even serious?

And I see that iPhone clipped up front. And the black socks. And the frosted tips. And the visor.

It seems that the Brazos Valley Bombers, a summer league team in Bryan, Texas, had a Roger Clemens bobblehead night over the weekend and Rocket wouldn’t dare miss this honor.

For some reason he went black jorts. BLACK!

Of course our coverage of Roger Clemens’ swag has been extensive. Just when we figure he can’t out swag his latest swag, Rocket comes up with a clothing combination that shocks the hell out of us. The guy is 50 and is ready to redefine the swag game.


Picture 1


And he compliments the jorts look with a sweat towel and that iPhone with headphones.



[via @keeliescover, @grahamshire]

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