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Rays Crazy Man Luke Scott’s Brother Noah Is A Scary Dude, Too

Noted wild man Luke Scott (brought a boar’s head to Rays Spring Training) has driven bloggers nuts with his political views and his views on guns and politics.

So you’d figure that Scott’s family might be a little different from your family.

And you’d be right.

That’s Luke’s little brother Noah with the Skynyrd.

Rays Director of Communications Dave Haller tweeted today:

Don’t miss @IntentionalTalk today w/Luke Scott and his brother Noah, who hasn’t had a haircut in 5 years.

Luke Scott’s nickname for bro Noah is “Hamish”; Noah calls Luke “Savage.” #Braveheart

5 years without a haircut? Get back to me in 2018. Not impressed. Not that I’d say it to Noah’s face.

[HT: The Sporting News]



[via @LukeScottOP]

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