Brewers Minor Leaguers Raking In Casino Money From Kids Via ‘Quarter In Cup Game’ [VIDEO]


Life in the minor leagues can be boring, especially if you’re a relief pitcher in the Midwest League who doesn’t see game action every day. There are only so many jersey chasers in Appleton, Wisc. after all.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers relief pitchers Jonathan Armold, Mike Strong and Taylor Wall figured out how to keep things interesting with a primitive game they set up in the Rattlers’ pen: “Make Quarter. Get A Ball.”

If kids can toss a quarter into a Dixie Cup on a plastic chair “20 feet down and about 12 feet (away),” they win a baseball. There is a second cup 15 feet down and about 20 feet out which is good for a game-used bat for every made quarter.

If a kid’s toss misses, the bullpen of the Brewers’ Class-A team keeps the money…and sometimes takes it to a casino while on a road trip, according to an story: So, back to the game with the quarters. What do you end up doing with the money you earn?

Armold: We lump it up into a bullpen fund and one of us will hold onto it, and we’ll take all the quarters to the bank.

Strong: Or we hold onto it until we get to Burlington [Iowa, home of the Bees], because there’s a casino there. So then we don’t have to use our own money, we use that.

The players also say they give a kid a ball if he has spent $10-$15; they also will trade baseballs for a bag of cheese curds because Wisconsin!

Even after re-reading the story four times, BC was still expecting to find the name of a charity or cause attached to the “profits,” but there doesn’t seem to be one. No judging here, just surprise. Armold, Strong and Wall are not bonus babies, but the way organizations monitor player behavior, we figured they’d have to do something with the cash instead of just heading to the slots .

[H/T: Benjamin Hill]

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