Former Titans Cheerleader Elizabeth Leigh Garner In Court Today On Molestation Charge [UPDATE]

What’s the big news today in Murfreesboro, Tennessee? Oh, just that former Tennessee Titans cheerleader Elizabeth Leigh Garner, who is accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy, is expected in court.

According to the Tennessean:

Elizabeth “Leigh” Garner, 42, hearing in Judge David Bragg’s courtroom for has been rescheduled twice since she was indicted in March on counts of aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for child rape.

Garner happened to be at a February party hosted by the boy’s mother. It was reported in March that the former Titans cheerleader admitted to being drunk and confused the boy with a guy she was chasing at the party.

… who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, is accused of following the 12-year-old boy into a bathroom and attempting to perform oral sex on him, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department arrest report.

During the incident, Garner allegedly grabbed his penis on the outside of his pants and tried to take off his shorts, but the boy managed to get out of the bathroom before anything else occurred.

Before this charge, Garner was best known as a Middle Tennessee State grad who made her NFL cheerleading debut as a mid-30s woman who got engaged when her husband proposed to her at a practice.

We’re still efforting to find out if the marriage survived this fondling accusation.

UPDATE: Garner refused a plea deal; the case goes to trial on November 11.

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