Shirtless Gasol Brothers’ Off-Season Training Is Going Well [PHOTOS]

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Pau and Marc Gasol are both talented NBA players with mad fundamental game, but for all the time they spend in the gym, they must not know where the weight room is.

New pictures of them “tanning” on a yacht in Spain show that both brothers look like Euro versions of Poppin’ Fresh — The Pillsbury Doughboy. (Confidential to Pau: There is a beach in L.A., too. Use it.)

The whole fully shaved chest thing isn’t helping. If you had a projector and got these guys to stand next to each other in a field, you could open up a drive-in.

Note that the Gasols’ bikini-clad companions can’t even look them in the eye. Forget sunglasses; they need protective goggles. If those guys weren’t making a zillion euros each, those girls would use them as shark chum.

Big-ups to Marc Gasol for rocking the mid-calf white socks in the water, too. Takes a real NBA attitude to just give zero f*cks like that. Maybe he’s ready to join the Miami Heat?


Splash News

[H/T: The Score and Splash News]

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