18-Year-Old MMA Fighter Cheyanne Vlismas Makes Debut On Saturday


If you know anything about BC and the MMA coverage over the years, I’m always amazed when hot chicks willingly get into the sport and have their faces rearranged. For every Ronda Rousey who rarely gets lit up, there is another chick getting thumped.

That brings me to Cheyanne Vlismas.

She turned 18 on Tuesday and will make her professional mixed martial arts debut on Saturday in the co-main event against Ingrid Medrano at the World Class Fight League in Tampa, Florida.

Vlismas’ credentials: she’s a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt and often competes in BJJ and grappling tournaments.

Look, we’re all for women feeling empowered to do whatever they’d like in life. Want to be a roofer? Go for it. Want to be a world-class stripper? All for it. Want to get in the cage and purposely get punched in the face, destroying what so many women around the world would kill for? Go for it.

You might remember former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Rachel Wray got into a crazy bloody fight earlier this year. Her face was a mess for a week.

Just don’t come crying at 30 when your face is wrecked and you’re trying to get back into the modeling industry.

[via Babes of MMA]