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Paulina Gretzky Bikini Photo Of The Week: The Monkey

I have no idea what beach Paulina is now on with Dustin Johnson, but DJ’s ‘Summer of Crushing Poon’ tour has taken these two to some land where Paulina can dick around with a monkey.

The last time we checked in with these two, Paulina was in a St. Pauli Girl costume drinking draft beer and celebrating Dustin’s birthday in Germany. One thing leads to another and a monkey is on her shoulder.

DJ tweeted on Tuesday:

Enjoying some time off with @PaulinaGretzky in Jupiter!! Next up, Muirfield! #JupLife

We’ll assume he’s talking about Jupiter, Florida. I just can’t get over how much sex Johnson must be dropping on Wayne’s daughter. There’s hardly a week that goes by without these two sending out Instys of Paulina oozing poon.

Somewhere Wayne is getting really, really drunk.

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