Jason Mewes Talks ‘Clerks 3,’ His New Boob-Tastic Web Series & Being A Yankees Fan [PHOTOS]



Jason Mewes’ future is in the hands of his fans. After producing and starring in the first two episodes of the new series Vigilante Diaries, Mewes is asking fans to help fund additional episodes of the show, which features plenty of guns, fighting and boobs (see gallery below).

“I want to see if anyone likes it, but I also want them to feel connected to it….We can go back and try to get financing from another source. We just need to know if the audience likes what they see,” Mewes said from Los Angeles.

Vigilante Diaries’ audiences see an action series with a first-person shooter video game perspective featuring Mewes as documentary filmmaker-turned vigilante Michael Hanover. Hanover chases down bad guys with his sidekick “The Kid,” while they both encounter characters along the way, including hot girls like Jade (Jacqueline Lord) and Red (Jessica Uberuaga).

Episodes one and two of Vigilante Diaries are now available on Chill, a distribution platform for independent projects. If the Vigilante Diaries can meet its $50,000 funding goal, two additional episodes will go into production.

Mewes, 39, is best known as “Jay” in the Jay and Silent Bob duo he formed with lifelong friend Kevin Smith. The actors have appeared together in “Clerks,” Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma” and several other films. They “star” in the animated “Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie” currently touring small theaters.

Mewes talked to us about video games, groupies and the status of “Clerks 3,” the final chapter in the trilogy penned by Smith.

Why did you decide to do Vigilante Diaries, and where is it headed?

“My buddy (and co-star) Paul (Sloan) came up with the concept, and I thought it was cool. It’s something different…I hope we can fund more of it, because the plot of the series gets more involved. There’s more fight scenes to come, more shooting, knives — all that stuff.”

You’ve always been a huge gamer. Which video game that you’ve played do you most want to see made into a film and why?

“I guess they could make a Call Of Duty movie, but it would be hard to tell the difference between it and any other war movie. I think God Of War and Assassin’s Creed would be good to make into movies.”

Which sports video games were your favorites growing up?

“On old systems, EA Hockey was one of the best games. Now, I play a lot of FIFA Soccer on my phone and iPad… I’ve always sucked at all sports my whole life, so it’s been cool to play them much better on the video game level. You go from getting your butt kicked in real life to dominating someone. It’s awesome.”

You grew up in Jersey. Which, if any, sports teams did you root for?

“I rooted for the Devils, the Yankees and the Giants. I once went to a Yankees-Red Sox game in Boston with my Yankees hat on. They warned me that I shouldn’t…I didn’t think there was anything to it until we were at a party at this one kid’s house after the game and everyone was, like, crying. They take it seriously.”

After films like “Clerks” or “Mallrats,” did you and Kevin Smith get groupies? Give us the best story you are willing to tell.

“I think our fans have been different than that toward us. I really can’t say that I have gotten groupies, and I can’t speak for Kevin, of course. …There is one story. This one time when I was kicking dope, I was staying at Kevin’s house and I wasn’t allowed to leave the house because that was the condition of me staying there. The only way I could stay out of trouble is if I couldn’t leave.”

“So, Kevin went to the comic store and he met this girl there who had driven, like, hours just to meet Kevin and I. So, he talks to her and she says to him: ‘I really wanted to meet Jay, too.’ And he says ‘Well, he’s at my house, and he can’t leave.'”

“Anyway, Kevin winds up bringing her out to his house to meet me because she drove so far and it’s cool, but while she’s there, Kevin says ‘Jay kind of needs company while he’s here.’ So, she ends up staying. Man, she must have stayed for, like, three weeks. That was a different experience.”

Kevin recently said he’d put his house up to get “Clerks 3” made. Having read the script, would you match that offer? What can you tell us about the project?

“I really hope we get to do it. The script is really funny and really heartfelt. It makes you laugh and then makes you cry…I have to be careful about how much I say, because this is the one thing that Kevin will get pissed at. We never fight, but if I tell people what’s in the script, he’ll stop speaking to me for months.”

Who would be your dream guest for a cameo in “Clerks 3?”

“Having Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Clerks 3’ would be awesome. I loved him as Iron Man. It would be great if he made a cameo with us.”

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