Emily Jackson Dominating U.S. Kayak Circuit At 9 Months Pregnant [VIDEO]


Two-time world kayaking champion Emily Jackson is tougher than you, dude. While you’re the kind of guy to call-in sick with the sniffles, Jackson wins kayaking events even though she’s nine months pregnant.

Despite being due July 19, Jackson, 23, beat the field the last two weeks on the U.S. tour, including the Payette River Games in Idaho last weekend when she topped reigning world champion Claire Ohara of England.

You can watch Jackson’s performance in the video above. How about the broadcaster saying she looks like she was in the beer tent too long? Great sense of humor there, hardo.

Jackson has now competed in seven events during her pregnancy, winning two and placing high in four others.

She’s already a champ, and she’ll become a mom this summer. What are your plans, loser?

Emily Jackson Inside

Yes, that's my real name.
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