Socialite Alana Kari & Mark Sanchez In Napa House Making Vines

Alana Kari has a history on the internet. Mark Sanchez has a history on the football field. One was shirtless last night in a Napa house. One looked to be smoking something. According to sleuths, Kari uploaded a Vine that was eventually deleted, but was ripped to a desktop and thrown on YouTube.

The other woman in the house is Janna Van Burkleo (@jannavanburkleo). She seems boring. No way Sanchez is sleeping with her.

The last we knew, Kari was dating poker pro Dan Bilzerian.

This all looks like innocent fun and Sanchez is allowed to jerk around in a kitchen with whomever he wants. The guy actually looks happy. You give him a double-shot of poon and this guy might throw 30 TDs. I wouldn’t bet on that, but anything is possible with via the power of poon.

Big boobs.


Likes to party.

Can’t put my finger on why Sanchez would be with this chick in a Napa house.

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