I Need To Know UCLA Boobs’ Name Right Now [UPDATE – FOUND!]


Update: Her name is Lauralee McIntyre (@xolauralee); UCLA graduate. She’s dating outfielder Eric Filia. [HT: Sportsmasher.com]

We received two more photos last night of the UCLA fan who has been parading her giant rack around the College World Series and at this point she hasn’t stepped forward to claim her title as the hottest chick at the Series. With UCLA leading 1-0 and Game 2 tonight, her run could end abruptly.

After all the coverage we’ve given this rack, I figured someone would email us with a name and Instagram account stuffed with selfies.



• 20-24

• Has to be dating one of the players; classy UCLA moms wouldn’t wear such attire

• Has probably jersey chased in the past

• Look to be Double Ds or bigger

Might go to Santa Monica Community College Graduated from UCLA!

Here’s what Lauralee is wearing tonight:

UCLA Big Boobs CWS Game 2