Former Rams Cheerleader Sheri Marsh ‘Killed’ On ABC Reality Show [PHOTOS]


Sheri Marsh LEAD
While Nik Wallenda wire-walked across a gorge near the Grand Canyon on Sunday, ABC premiered ‘Whodunnit?’ — a murder mystery reality competition show on ABC. Think Clue meets Survivor, or something. Whatever. Don’t count on Season 2.

Any reality TV junkies who DVR’d the show saw the network TV debut of former St. Louis Rams‘ cheerleader Sheri Marsh. The pretty blonde was one of the contestants on the show — for all of about three minutes. Marsh was immediately “killed” by a slingshot, a fish tank and a lamp cord. No, really. At least viewers got to see her in the shower.

Marsh, 28, seems to have an upside as an actress/host. It’s not her fault the concept of ‘Whodunnit?’ didn’t connect with an audience, especially when it aired opposite a Jesus-aided walk across a 2-inch wire, 1,500 feet above the ground.

[Watch: Whodunnit – Episode 1]

[Sheri Marsh on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram]

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