North Carolina Mom Working On A Sausage At College World Series & UCLA Boobs!

morning twitpics

And here I figured the Friday night after the NBA Finals would be a good time to get out of town and head to Florida for some R&R. The theory was that it would be a slow sports weekend; the College World Series has been sleepy; the NHL Finals are dragging along; golf anyone?

So the plane lands in Fort Lauderdale last night and I check my phone. The first image to be sent to the @bustedcoverage account was of North Carolina mom about to do dirty things to a College World Series sausage.

That led to another reader sending us a photo of UCLA boobs. Look, we’ve seen boobs at sporting events, but we’ve never seen anything quite like these UCLA boobs. As one Twitter follower joked, she could’ve saved the Titanic.

Enjoy your slow sports weekend. I’ll pop in from time to time. Joe Student is in North Carolina on R&R. He’ll be around.