Jill Davis, Wife Of Orioles 1B Chris Davis, May Be The Only Person Hotter Than Her Husband [PHOTOS]



Unless you are totally baseball illiterate, you know about the monster season that Chris Davis is having in 2013. The hulking Baltimore Orioles first baseman crushed his major-league leading 25th and 26th homers of the year Wednesday in a 13-3 win over the Tigers.

What you may not know is that Davis has one of the most attractive wives in Major League Baseball: Jill Davis, a former Oklahoma cheerleader who married the O’s slugger in 2011, long before he started crushing baseballs at the big-league level.

BC gives plenty of flak to jersey chasers, but that is not the case with Mrs. Davis (formerly Jill Meyer). She pays attention to the games, even talks a little smack and can handle a firearm. What’s not to love?


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