Jill Davis, Wife Of Orioles 1B Chris Davis, May Be The Only Person Hotter Than Her Husband [PHOTOS]

Jill Davis, May Be Only Person Hotter Than Husband Orioles Chris Davis

Unless you are totally baseball illiterate, you know about the monster season that Chris Davis is having in 2013. The hulking Baltimore Orioles first baseman crushed his major-league leading 25th and 26th homers of the year Wednesday in a 13-3 win over the Tigers.

What you may not know is that Davis has one of the most attractive wives in Major League Baseball: Jill Davis, a former Oklahoma cheerleader who married the O’s slugger in 2011, long before he started crushing baseballs at the big-league level.

BC gives plenty of flak to jersey chasers, but that is not the case with Mrs. Davis (formerly Jill Meyer). She pays attention to the games, even talks a little smack and can handle a firearm. What’s not to love?


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