Honey Badger Throws Seed First Pitch At D’Backs Game [VIDEO]


Arizona Cardinals‘ third-round draft pick (and beloved herbalist) Tyrann Mathieu threw out the first pitch at the Diamondbacks-Marlins game in Arizona on Tuesday. Turns out the Honey Badger already has a better throwing motion than all of the team’s sorry quarterbacks, especially the aging Carson Palmer.

As you can see in the video above, almost no one saw Mathieu throw a seed to Arizona pitcher Patrick Corbin. That must have been a real eye-opener for the Badger; he probably saw bigger crowds at LSU practices. Welcome to Arizona, Honey.

Big thumbs-down to the D’Backs pre-game prep, though. What’s with the puffy jersey and the hiked sweatpants? We know the man dresses well. Get him a nice alternate jersey with ‘Honey Badger’ on the nameplate, a ‘4’ on the front and ’20’ on the back, and it’s a top-seller at the clubhouse store.

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