Shocker: Ray Lewis Shoots Reporter, Fans With Paintballs [PHOTOS]


Ray Lewis Paintball LEAD
NFL linebacker-turned-ESPN analyst Ray Lewis served as the general for one of the paintball teams at Ray’s Summer Days in Baltimore last weekend. The three-day event helps Ray’s foundation in “raising significant cash and economic benefits for the community of Baltimore, State of Maryland and additional international charities.”

Yes, Ray Lewis shoots at people and charities benefit. It happens annually. Don’t even try to comprehend it.

Surprising to no one, Ray Ray is an elite-level “killing machine” with a paintball gun. He took out a Ravens reporter like the guy was asking him about that Atlanta business in 2000. Check out pictures and video from the event below.

Can’t wait until Ray suggests this as a team-building exercise to the ESPN crew.

Pev’s Paintball Charity event at Ray Lewis house

— Micheal Mazyck (@Zeke513) June 15, 2013

[H/T: Ravens; Photos:]

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