Parking Ticket Caused Johnny Manziel’s Twitter Meltdown – Seriously


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And we now have a sizable media outlet willing to confirm the story that Johnny Manziel’s Twitter outburst Saturday night was over a parking ticket. The rumor had started Monday on Twitter and is now a legit story.

Here’s the report from San Antonio Express-News reporter @BrentZwerneman:

Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner, had been fishing in Port Aransas on Saturday and was still on the coast when he talked over the phone to an officer, who wrote him a ticket for being parked the wrong way in front of his house and for his windows being tinted too dark (his vehicle was in College Station while he was with friends in Port Aransas), according to the insider. Manziel tweeted out his frustrations in dealing with the matter, quickly removed the post, followed with a tweet that he loved A&M but for people to please walk in a day in his shoes.

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The photo you see above is Manziel at his fishing outing.

Here is the Mercedes he was driving this spring when ESPN caught up with him for an all-access taping.

Johnny Manziel Mercedes


A parking ticket? That’s what you’re getting fired up over? Here we thought he caught one of his teammates sleeping with girlfriend Sarah Savage.

This ticket thing is actually kinda depressing because we expect more out of Manziel. If you’re going to say it’s time to leave town, at least make it over something super exciting.

Your parents are loaded. Shake this one off.


[via @Hunter_Futvoye]

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