Australian Lingerie Football Player Is Bruised Mess After Game [PHOTOS]


LFL Australia Bruises

Continuing the trend of the Legends Football League running circles around the stodgy NFL, the LFL is ready to unleash a new overseas league in Australia.

You think Roger Goodell is ready to schedule a game in Sydney? Not a chance. He’s too busy listening to NFL players gripe about playing games in London.

LFL Australia announced Tuesday that the Western Australia Angels of the LFL will be kicking-off in Perth as well as nationally throughout Australia in December 2013. Other teams joining WA will be the New South Wales Surge, Queensland Brigade and Victoria Maidens.

“The WA Angels introduction is our first step toward launching what will become a major sport in Australia. Our momentum in relation to media coverage, fan fare and excitement is unlike any other we have ever seen”, said, Mitchell S. Mortaza, Chairman, Legends Football League Global.

As you can see from the bruises inflicted on the LFL player in the photo at the top of the post, the Aussies have been practicing hardcore. See more tough Australian women in the gallery and video below.


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