Nice Turnout Today In The Bronx For The Dodgers Series

Yankee Stadium Empty Lead
The Yankees and Dodgers are playing at Yankee Stadium this afternoon for the first time since Los Angeles captured the 1981 World Series. Yankees legend — and Dodgers manager — Don Mattingly is making his return to Yankee Stadium, albeit in the dugout of the visiting team. Dodger sensation Yasiel Puig is making his Yankee Stadium debut.

Huge crowd, right? Well…

OMG @darrenrovell what an empty stadium baseball is dead RIP RIP 4ever RIP:

— Rob Iracane () June 19, 2013

There is like half a stadium at Yankee Stadium… No fans are there… Yankees should’ve gave me a free ticket I would’ve went

— Anthony Dachille (@ADChill320) June 19, 2013

Yeah, we know this is part of an unscheduled doubleheader because of last night’s rainout, but still. A gorgeous day with mid-70s temps and nobody shows up? Baseball might be in serious trouble.