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BW3 Bouncer Charging UFC PPV Fees Gets Into Scrap With Customers [VIDEO]

According to the uploader:

A bouncer was collecting a fee for a UFC fight. This group of people was reluctant to pay and the bouncer said “wow that’s cheap”. They got in an altercation at the front desk area.

There’s no word on where and when this went down, but we can assume this is from Saturday’s UFC 161 Evans vs. Henderson.

This isn’t a new phenomenon at BW3. You might remember in November when customers watching UFC 154 put in a very nice scrap at an unidentified BW’s.

You mix boneless wings, 23oz. drafts and men…this is what you get.

From Houma, Louisiana in 2010 after Evans vs. Rampage:

[HT: Deadspin]

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