NBA Finals Superfans: Claudia Lampe Porras [PHOTOS]

Former UTEP women’s basketball player-turned model Claudia Lampe Porras is the latest sexy superfan to declare an NBA Finals allegiance (for those of you keeping track, the Heat have Alexis Augusto, Luna Star & Aurielee Summer, while the Spurs have Shannon Richards and Deauxma).

While Porras doesn’t have quite the Twitter following that the other superfans have, the native Bolivian knows the Xs and Os of basketball thanks to her playing career. If you can read Spanish, Porras’ Twitter feed is rife with game tidbits, like this one from Sunday’s Game 5:

Existe alguien q puede marcar a Lebron? / is there somebody who can D Lebron?

— Claudia Lampe (@ClaudiaLampe) June 17, 2013


One win away Spurs!!!! A ganar una final mas!!! Yessss

— Claudia Lampe (@ClaudiaLampe) June 17, 2013


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