Summer Of Sager: Craig’s Offseason Kicks Off In Braves Beer Line


And what did you think Craig Sager would be doing on one of his first weekends away from the NBA? Of course this guy would be spotted at a Braves game about to slay a few drafties and getting chatty with Taylor Swift.

The only disappointment from Sag’s Saturday appearance is that the fashionista is wearing Adidas socks with those Nike shoes. Terrible call.

Just one night. One. Give me one night of getting drunk with this guy. At a Hooters. Table full of BC friends. Sager. Pitcher of draft after pitcher of draft. Road stories. Road beef stories. Hooters stories. ’80s poon stories. Drunken debauchery stories from Milwaukee. Banging stewardesses on layovers in Charlotte.

I want to hear it all.

There are only two guys in the sports media whose books I’d stand in line to buy: Sager & Brent Musburger. Both for obvious reasons.

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