Rich Rod & Arizona Can’t Be Serious With This 2013 Hype Video, Right?


Let’s remember real quick that Arizona went 8-5 in 2012 and squeaked out a 49-48 New Mexico Bowl win over Nevada. So don’t mind me while I watch this 2013 hype video and remain skeptical that Rich Rod can do anything with his defense.

Remember that 66-10 loss to UCLA?

Sure, there was the 39-36 win over a broken USC team, but there was also the 49-0 loss to Oregon.

Should Rod & his coaching staff be making videos about there being a new sheriff in town? Probably not until Arizona can beat Oregon State at home.

We’re talking about a team with the 102nd best scoring defense in 2012. You ever see Nick Saban making sheriff videos?

His wife was the executive producer on this one. Makes sense.


[HT: Reddit]