1978 Kirk Gibson Baseball Scouting Report: ‘Money Is Not Significant Factor, — Football Is.’


Arizona Diamondbacks’ manager Kirk Gibson was at the heart of last week’s D’backs brawl against the Dodgers, with L.A. manager Don Mattingly holding his own. Arizona coaches Matt Williams and Alan Trammell and post-roid raging Mark McGwire of the Dodgers were also involved.

For Gibson, who was suspended for one game for his role in the brawl, intensity has never been a problem. Several scouting reports from 1978 note his competitive nature. At the time, Gibson was a split end for the Michigan State football team, and major league scout Jim Martz thought Gibby could head to the NFL:

“…has the potential to be an exciting offensive star. However, loves football. Money is not the significant factor, — football is…is a very doubtful & risky sign.”

Martz filed a second scouting report all but pleading for a major league team to step up and pay Gibson, which the Detroit Tigers eventually did. Among the other notable comments on the scouting reports:

• Hasn’t played baseball & been on football wgt. program for 2 years.

• Highly competitive, clutch player.

• Has hit several 500′ plus HR this spring.

• Has the tools & makeup to be an offensive superstar & put people in the park…Baseball needs this player.

Gibson went on to hit huge World Series home runs in 1984 and 1988. He’s now the stone-faced manager of one of baseball’s toughest teams.

Check out Martz’s two 1978 scouting reports on Gibson below.

Gibson Scouting Report

Gibson Scouting Report 2