Saints Cheerleaders Lip Sync Taylor Swift’s ’22’ In Bikinis [VIDEO]

This is the heart of the NFL doldrums, people. Football websites and radio talkers babbling on about the friggin’ “Mt. Rushmore” for your favorite teams and zero actual news. This is why we have NFL cheerleaders. They save us from this whirlwind of off-season bullshit by posing for swimsuit calendars.

Sometimes, they make videos where they lip sync pop songs, like the Saintsations — the New Orleans Saints‘ cheerleaders — recently did with Taylor Swift’s ’22.’ You can check out their moves in the video above and see more of them in the gallery below.

People hate on Taylor Swift’s music, but they can’t deny it has an audience. These hard-bodied, tanned-up girls are not sitting around lip syncing to Jenny Owen Youngs or Amanda Palmer; they need something to belt out while slamming back those Red Bull & Vodkas for chrissakes.

Trust us: 20 years from now after they’ve gone through a few marriages, kids and Botox injections, these girls will be feeling “42” while pre-gaming before the One Direction reunion tour. It’s all good.

[H/T: Guyism; Photos:]