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Kliff Kingsbury Ups Big 12 Art Game With ‘Suns Up, Guns Up’ Painting [PHOTO]

GQ-approved Texas Tech football head coach (and Ryan Gosling clone) Kliff Kingsbury is ready to unleash the same brand of football machismo at his alma mater that he used as offensive coordinator at Texas A&M last season.

First order of business, get a boss painting entitled ‘Suns Up, Guns Up’ with the Red Raider invading Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock. It’s a Dave Grizzle original that would be totally perfect on black velvet.

Already the toast of the Big 12 clipboard chasers, Kingsbury is going to make this season fun for Texas Tech. We bet Johnny Manziel texts Kingsbury at least three times a week during the 2013 campaign.


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