Gronk Prepares For Tuesday’s Back Surgery By Jerking Around At Bloomingdales


Rob Gronkowski is scheduled to have back surgery on Tuesday. Of course he’s already had arm surgery this offseason that turned into an infected debacle. So how did Gronk get ready for his surgery that will take place in Los Angeles?

By jerking around Saturday on a pile of jeans at a NYC Bloomingdales during a Hudson Jeans event. Call us overly cautious, but should this guy really be doing toe touches (with his surgically repaired right arm) on a pile of jeans while his back is about to get cut on?

Of course the hate mail and the comments will show up after I hit publish on this one.

“That’s just Gronk being Gronk.”

“His back is already injured, who cares if he’s jerking around on a table of jeans?”

“F**k off.”

Look, we’re the first ones to want Gronk pounding beer bongs, slamming pornstars, drunkenly crushing pizza on a golf cart at 2 a.m., playing Captain Stabbin’ on a boat on the waters near his Tampa house. All for it.

The problem is that the surgeries are starting to pile up. This back surgery will be his sixth surgery in just over a year. The guy is fragile and jerking around on Hudson Jeans isn’t the best look at this time.

And then he turned up at a NYC rooftop party for his last supper before surgery.

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