Double Sprint Car Flip Ends With Car Pieces In Trees [VIDEO]


Racing fans — both the stock car or open wheel variety — are a different breed. Truth is, they don’t sit through all that maneuvering just for the occasional wreck any more than hockey fans watch all that forechecking just to see a fight.

However, it can be pretty spectacular when a great crash happens, and everyone walks away to tell the story.

Such was the case on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pa. where Joey Biasi and Kevin Darling both flipped during a URC sprint heat race. Darling’s wing flew off his car and landed in the trees. Watch the wreckage in the video above.

Grandview is part of a constellation of dirt tracks in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, including the one in Bridgeport, N.J. where NASCAR Nationwide regular Jason Leffler was killed in an accident last week. You’ll find hardcore racing fans at these tracks, while some NASCAR venues have priced out the blue collar demo. Sometimes the action is better where the tickets are cheaper.

[H/T: GSP Video via Stu Braxton]

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