Wait Until U.S. Open Officials Have This Groundhog Shot & More Morning Screencaps!

morning twitpics

Nothing is cuter at the U.S. Open than a groundhog trying to find its way back to its hiding place while 25,000 Philly golf fans scream at it and Sky Sports give live team coverage.

The bad news for the groundhog is that this is a golf course – nature – and U.S. Open officials don’t have time for such bullshit. You’re burning up TV time, groundhog. Play is already backed up from Mother Nature and your ass running across the fairway isn’t helping matters.

I’m sure Open officials called in some Philly hardo to kill it.

Is that a raincoat tied around his waist? Oh Chipper.

Picture 10

Wait, Foreigner played after last night’s Mets game? How fucking lucky are those fans who got to go on the field for the show? Lifetime memory.

Oh, and the Mets lost to the shitty Cubs, 6-3.

Picture 8

Picture 7

No need to evacuate the ballpark. Please remain seated on the aluminum bleachers.

Picture 6

It happens. Spot the fail.


Power move. $100 says that bro slayed a few Germans back in the day.

Picture 9

NY Post covers grade: solid B.

Picture 3