Weather Channel Shows Something Awesome During Tornado Coverage – Falcons Cheerleaders In Locker Room!

I’ve been pissed off at the Weather Channel for like six years. Just when I need to see the weather at 8 p.m. to plan for golf the next morning, these assholes have on “Coast Guard Survival Stories At Sea,” or some shit like that.

Remember when MTV played videos? Remember when the Weather Channel showed the weather? It’s complete bullshit.

Anyway, the Weather Channel broke into its primetime coverage of “When Weather Strikes,” or whatever was on last night, to track tornadoes that were headed for Atlanta. You know, doing what the WC used to do best.

And then it happened. The Weather Channel showed the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders huddled in a locker room after practice was halted to seek shelter. What are the girls doing? Smiling and texting. So. damn. hot.

And this is on the Weather Channel.

According to one of the cheerleaders:

Once in the locker room, there was a mixture of emotions circling throughout the team. Some girls were calm, some girls were intently watching the news, and some were very concerned about any weather that may be coming through. It seemed like the girls who had been in the 2011 tornado in Tuscaloosa were having the hardest time, and for good reason. Nearly every girl was on their phone texting, checking the news, or checking Twitter. Much to our surprise, we found out that we were on the Weather Channel after one of our girls tweeted a picture of us sitting in the locker room.

I smell a new Weather Channel show.