Miranda Kerr’s First Pitch Last Night In South Korea Was Strange [VIDEO]

You know the first pitch routine at MLB games: person is introduced to the crowd, waves to crowd, goes to the mound and throws out the pitch. Then the person shakes hands with the catcher, waves to the crowd and disappears to his/her seats.

And then we have Miranda Kerr’s first pitch last night in South Korea.

The Victoria’s Secret model did the honors, but South Korea does things a little differently. The crowd went nuts and some players were giddy. Others were just in awe. Then there was the actual pitch routine. An umpire had to shake Kerr’s hand and a batter in full gear (even the elbow pad!) was in the box.

Of course he didn’t really need to have a helmet on because, as you can see, she threw a splitter in the dirt.

Stay you, South Korea.

[HT: @TampabayNacho]