Holly Sonders Can’t Be Serious With This Philly Cheesesteak Answer


Golf Channel Morning Drive co-host Holly Sonders is a favorite of BC readers. That’s entirely understandable. Like the rest of the golf world, Sonders’ attention is on suburban Philadelphia this weekend for the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club.

Horn dogs and fanboys ask Sonders plenty of inane questions on Twitter. To her credit, Sonders often responds, demonstrating that she is at least paying attention on social media. Thursday, one of Sonders’ followers asked which cheesesteak place Sonders would recommend in Philly. Check out this total slice off the tee:

C’mon Sonders! Did you just Google that ish? Yes, Pat’s & Geno’s, both at 9th Street & Passyunk Ave., are the most famous places, but Philadelphians will loudly tell you they are not the best. Ever been to John`s Roast Pork in South Philly. How about Steve’s Prince of Steaks in Northeast Philly?

Truth is, the golfers are not close enough to those places to just swing by and get some steaks. Someone should direct them to Pie in the Sky in Wayne or Lenny’s in Conshohocken. Of course, this is a golf crowd, so they aren’t headed for cheesesteaks anyway, especially after forking over $50 to park in some jack-offs backyard.


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