Here We Go Again With An ESPN Intern Trying To Spell Dwyane Wade & More Screencaps!

morning twitpics

We’ve said it before and will say it again, Dwyane Wade’s mom was the worst speller in her family. That said, ESPN interns should be all over this name since they have to type it into the SportsCenter graphics at least 50-65 times a day.

You slip one time and your ass is getting screencapped and posted on Twitter.

As for the game, LeBron finally took some shots (25) and dropped 33. Even bigger news is that Wade took 25 shots and dropped 30. One game his knee is that of a 65-year-old grandpa, two days later he’s capable of playing 40 minutes.

Game 5 is on Sunday.

Ladies, you do realize the level of douchebag you’re getting a photo with?


Said dancers.

Picture 6

In NFL news, Luck played some softball last night while wearing that goofy hat. I think it’s from the Pro Bowl. This is the same guy who still uses a flip phone.


Very telling in Nashville.




It is summer and it is the weekend. Totally appropriate.

Picture 7

NY Post covers grade: C

Slow morning.

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