Katherine Webb Wore This To Spike Guys Choice Party While AJ Was Out With Bikini Model



Remember that story on Tuesday where AJ McCarron let a Playboy Girls of the SEC chick stay the night at his house over the weekend while Kathernine Webb was out of town?

Yeah, that story.

Webb just happened to be in Los Angeles for the Spike Guys Choice taping. I have no idea if she won anything or was just there to be hot and give the fledgling awards show some juice. Does anyone actually watch this anymore? I seem to remember caring about this show a couple years ago when Spike tried to get Allison Stokke to show up.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe McCarron would slam a sidepiece like the Ole Miss chick, risking his relationship with Webb. But, crazier things have happened like Tiger Woods pounding those ugly porn stars. It happens.

[via NS4W]

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