Howie Schwab’s Farewell To ESPN Facebook Post Is Sad


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Think about how hard it was for ESPN executives on Wednesday to ax 26-year veteran Howie Schwab in a cost-savings move that was more than just the former star of ‘Stump the Schwab.’

Actually, it wasn’t very hard at all.


This is like releasing an aging running back because you drafted a rookie running back out of Wisconsin. He’s cheaper than you are. He’s younger. And the team can actually go out and sign a few other free agents to fill your position.

Of course Howie Schwab didn’t take his release without lashing out. I recently saw the guy at the ESPN the Magazine NFL Draft party and he seemed pretty nice. It appeared he was living his dream and was the guy you knew in college who had a couple breaks go his way, worked his ass off from a desk jockey to a personality and become someone he never thought was possible.

That dream is over.

Remember, kids, when you reach the top of the money pile and you’re not in charge of the money pile, your ass will eventually get thrown off the money pile.

Happens to the best of us.




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