Hot Or Not: Lingerie Football Player Puking Before Game [1:40 Mark]

*1:40 mark is where you’ll find the puking part.

Seriously, I got chills watching this new Lingerie Football League video from a recent Jacksonville vs. Omaha game. Maybe it was the LFL Films guy who sounds like John Facenda. Maybe it’s the high production value that reminds me of watching NFL Films from 1968.

Maybe it’s the fact that a LFLer is puking in a trash can.

Picture 3

I’ve said it and will continue to say it, the LFL is on top of its game right now in the viral video department. It’s like these guys finally figured out what men want to see: puking, clothesline tackles, chicks in lingerie getting injured and John Facenda-like narration.

The puker is all ready to go.

Picture 7

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