Clemson Fans Freaking Over Howard’s Rock Damage & More Morning Screencaps!


morning twitpics

There is major news out of Clemson, South Carolina this morning where authorities are hunting for vandals who broke off part of Howard’s Rock, the infamous rock that Clemson football players rub before running into Death Valley.

According to the school, the rock was damaged sometime between June 2 or 3.

A small portion of the Rock was broken off of its pedestal after vandals broke the casing that protects the artifact.

Could this be the work of a South Carolina fan, like a Harvey Updyke act? It sounds like it.

Of course this is going to start a war.

Picture 3

Picture 6

It happens.


So whipped.


(via @picturecool)

AND….at a Rays game…against the Royals!

Picture 8

Best bar sign I’ve seen all morning.

Picture 9

NY Post covers grade: going with a B-

Picture 7

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