Superfans Of The NBA Finals: Shannon Richards


For those of you who’ve been BC visitors over the years, you know all about sweet Texan Shannon Richards (@ShannonBabygirl). She’s been featured here as a Rangers, Mavericks & Texans superfan. You also know that Shannon, who has a B.S. degree in Theater/Acting, says the boobs (36-24-36) and the hair are all real. Seriously, it’s right there on her Twitter profile.

Unbeknownst to me, Shannon is also a huge Spurs fan who is super pumped about the teams 2-1 Finals lead.

She tweeted last week:

“I asked LeBron for change for a dollar. He gave me 75 cents. No 4th quarter.” lol Totally kidding!! I like Lebron. hehe #NBA#Spurs#Heat

She tweeted back in May:

Sorry, but we can’t all be bandwagon Heat fans… ;) #Spurs#NBA#Playoffs

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

She might not tweet that often, but when Shannon unleashes a tweet it either contains an insane photo of her 100% real boobs or sports. Get on the bandwagon.

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