Johnny Manziel’s Rich Parents Bought Him Front Row Seats To Spurs-Heat Game 3


Everyone relax, Johnny Manziel’s parents are rich and can totally afford front row seats to the NBA Finals because they have oil money. Do you know how many times I’ve been told how rich Manziel’s family is? Too many. The different ways I’ve been told that the Manziels have insane money: Oil, cockfighting, organized crime activities, some music hall that Grandpa Manziel opened, shady business dealings, etc.

Here’s what we can confirm: Johnny Football had front row seats under the basket last night in San Antonio.

He was also in Miami for Game 2 after buying tickets off StubHub.

Manziel tweeted over the weekend:

“Nothing against the spurs I’m just a Lebron fan…SORRY.” “Ohh and by the way my Texas loyalties lie in DALLAS.”

That’s humorous since Manziel, who went to high school an hour from San Antonio, has been going to and sitting in a Spurs luxury box for years. He recently used the Spurs luxury box in April for a Heat game.

And he was at the suite last night.

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