Heat Fan On Motorcycle In San Antonio Nearly Killed By Spurs Fan [VIDEO]

I tried to warn all of you that this Spurs-Heat series would be fire off the court, too. Heat fans are notorious douches, while Spurs fan is notoriously redneck, willing to go to jail and ready to try to kill a motorcyclist wearing a Heat jersey in San Antonio.

According to KSAT, this happened on Friday morning after the Spurs took Game 1.

Chad Cazares, 25, is now at University Hospital recovering from a broken collar bone. He also has skin peeling off of his arms and hands.

Cazares was wearing his LeBron James basketball jersey Friday morning when he was forced off the road by another vehicle, causing him to lose control and crash his motorcycle.

Cazares’ father, Daniel Castano, said his son was headed home after watching the Spurs-Heat game, just after 2 a.m., when another driver hit him.

Castano said it happened because Cazares was wearing that Miami Heat jersey.

“He was coming off I-10 and Colorado and they were just talking smack back and forth to him,” said Castano. “They ended up hitting him, pushing him into the retaining wall.”

As you can see in the video, Cazares has since been released from the hospital.

Look, we don’t condone cutting off a Heat fan on a motorcycle, but should Heat fan really be running his mouth while riding a motorcycle on the highway? Should you even be wearing a LeBron jersey on a motorcycle at 2 a.m. in San Antonio?

I’m going with no.



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