Diapered Spurs Children Celebrate Game 3 Win On Truck & More Screencaps!

Diapered Spurs Kids Celebrate Game 3 Win On Truck & More Screencaps!

Are those kids too old to be wearing diapers? Leave it to the Latinos to celebrate the NBA Finals with what look to be kids in diapers on a Chevy truck. Nevermind the spray paint on the truck that will look strange if LeBron is able to get his shit together and somehow pull the Heat together to win 3 out of 4.

A rough translation for Puro Pinche Spurs is “Pure fucking Spurs!!!”

Stay you, San Antonio.

(via @blazersedge)

Look like NBA fans to me.

Picture 7

Then this happened last night at the U.S. Cellular. @calimondi13 is known to twerk at famous spots in Chicago. Mark this one off the list.

Picture 6

Also at the White Sox game, this kid lining up his Lite’s.


Over at Wrigley…what happened to the days when you’d get a single scoop of ice cream in the little batting helmet and save the helmet to put on a shelf in your room?

Picture 8

Meanwhile, over at ESPN.


Moving along…Roll Tide.


NY Post covers grade: A

Picture 3

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