Chris Berman Worked Up A Sweaty Lather At U.S. Open Pushing Media Van Out Of Mud


And the Chris Berman moments just keep coming. There was the Boston Strong sweat-fest, then yesterday we had Boomer wearing a candy necklace at the Jim Kelly golf tournament and now we see your ESPN broadcaster playing the role of hero at the U.S. Open.

According to Dave Parker, @Noble_Sports, from Noble Sports Ventures, an athletes rep firm, this is Boom helping to push his media van out of the mud at the Merion Golf Club while wearing his work clothes.

Just when you figure Berman makes too much money and has too big of an ego to get dirty during work, the guy goes and gets his clean black shoes muddy.

We’re impressed.

Then Boom went to work shaking Tiger’s hand and doing what Chris Berman does on a Tuesday at the Open.


[via @DanielleMaslany]

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