‘Bama Fans Falling All Over Themselves To Buy Nick Saban’s Lake House

nick saban house
We told you in May about Nick Saban’s Panera-challenged lake house being up for sale for about $11 million. Well, like everything else in Saban’s life (except that whole, ugly NFL bed-shitting), it’s coming up roses for Alabama‘s head coach.

The sale of the wreaking-of-wealth home with its own friggin’ lighthouse, originally scheduled for June 6, was postponed to June 27 because of excessive interest, because of course it was.

As per Concierge Auctions, the company leading the sales effort:

“There was a surge of late interest on the property, including a pre-auction offer from one of the bidders, which required consideration, and it became clear that allowing everyone ample time to perform their diligence was the right thing to do,” stated Mike Russo, Chief Operating Officer for Concierge Auctions.

“We already have registrations in hand from multiple well-qualified bidders, so at this point it’s simply a question of how much the property will sell for.”

Freakin’ Saban! Even a straight man would be tempted to rub that lucky bastard’s balls if he saw him in public. He’s going to wear shirts made of $100 bills on the recruiting trail this fall. Let’s see Ole Miss match that pitch to the blue chips.

[H/T: Atlanta Business Journal]

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