Why Was Chris Berman Wearing A Candy Necklace At The Jim Kelly Golf Tournament?


How about Fred Smerlas showing his patriotism at last week’s Jim Kelly golf tournament? Mustache rides, ladies?

I sent this photo to former BC Assistant Editor Rob, who is a huge Bills fan, and this is what I get back.

Love Fred Smerlas, looks like an older Tom Selleck. And I’m not sure what I like better on Berman, that beautiful Bills cap or the candy necklace that he’s gonna share with a hooker later on in the evening.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Berman went approximately 10 months without interesting me and now he gets posted twice in 10 days (a sweaty mess at the Boston Strong concert). Look, we’ve all done crazy shit at the golf course. I once totaled a golf cart by going head-on into a tree. Some of us throw clubs into lakes. Some drive carts through bunkers.

But a candy necklace? That has to be the work of a beer cart girl. There is no other explanation.

*If you’re not following Fred, I advise jumping on the bandwagon – @FredSmerlas.

**Were you a beer cart girl at the Jim Kelly tournament? Did Chris Berman hit on you with his candy necklace? Feel free to share your stories: mail@bustedcoverage.com