RG3 Sprinting On Surgically Repaired Knee [VINE]

Were you worried that RG3 wouldn’t be ready to go for the Redskins September 9 opener against the Eagles? Shame on you.

Just months off ACL surgery, Rob told the media today that he should be fine for the start of training camp.

“One, it’s a mind-set, and two, it’s how I felt and how it’s progressed,” Griffin said. “Over the last three weeks, I’ve had a lot of progress and I feel a lot better. If you think training camp is a month, month-and-a-half away, two months, I feel really good about that. And the start of the season is even farther than that, so I feel good about that, and that’s why I say, ‘Without a doubt.’”

Then we saw the above Vine of 3 sprinting today during practice from @alexisohanian.

All good.