How Many Tebows Can ESPN Fit On A Screen & More Screencaps!

morning twitpics

I try to take a day off and all hell breaks loose. Can you imagine Tebow playing for the same team as the guy who said he’d take Tebow’s virginity? Just when things were slowing down for the NFL until teams report for training camp, Belichick goes out and makes this huge Tebow splash.

So much for the three-day vacation I tried to take.

I also went two days in the woods without watching television. Nope, didn’t see that INSANE LeBron block. Life went on.

The lesson here is to take a day off when Tebow isn’t a free agent.

Did this “First reported” thing start over the weekend?



Last night at Marlins Park is on the right.

Picture 6

WTF, ginger?

Picture 7


Holy shit.

Picture 8


NY Post covers grade: B.

Picture 3